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SHLHP Data Sharing Policy

The SHLHP is committed to transparent research that ensures scientific rigor and promotes collaboration, innovation, and discovery. The complete de-identified datasets and code supporting peer-reviewed journal publications are available upon request and agreement to privacy and data use expectations that are central to the welfare of our participants and their agreements to participate in research.

SHLHP has a record of collaborative research and since the inception of this project, SHLHP has made data available to qualified scientists and health practitioners upon request. We have since formalized this process of data sharing which is detailed in the Data Request Form link below. Examples of research supported by shared SHLHP data are highlighted with the *  symbol on the SHLHP publication page.

If you are a scientist, clinician, or epidemiologist interested in data that have supported SHLHP publications, please complete the request form in the link below and email it to You will be contacted within 3-5 business days. 

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